Monday, August 2, 2010

Publishing Your Book...


Glory Days Group Publishing2day is here to help you get your book published at reasonable rates.  In 3-4 months, you can have 500 or more copies of your book available for distribution.  When you sell your books at $10 or more dollars, all of the profit is yours! And, instead of getting 4-5 books, as most POD (Print-On-Demand) services provide, you get all of the books published.  Instead of having to purchase your books from a POD company, you already own them.  And, instead of paying up front $3,000 or more and buying all future books from the POD publisher, Glory Days Group Publishing2day gives you more for less.  As a new author, you pay a $1500 flat fee plus a book printing fee (typically $800) AND that's it.  You own your books, you sell your books, and your profits cover the costs you put out to have your book published.

So, if you've ever said - "I should write a book" - now is the time and here is the way to do it.

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