Think about something that happened to you in your past, such as a time when you were very happy or successful.  Write about what you learned or felt.  For example, I was very happy when I won a major essay contest in the District of Columbia.  From that I learned the power of words.  The event also got me an invitation from Michigan State University to attend school there to "further your abilities in public speaking."

There, now you know something about me (biography) and something that happened to me in the past (history).  If I tell you how that "essay win" influenced my life over the years, you get a longer story.  And if I throw in some of the things that could have helped or hindered my win, you get an even longer story.

Now, your turn.  Get a tablet, set your timer for 15 minutes, and write without stopping about an incident in your life.

An important thing to remember for successful writing is -  write consistently.  If you don't do a little each day, you're always having to start over because you don't remember what you wrote the last time you sat down to write.

GDG Publishing is thus more than your publisher.  We're also your coach and mentor.